What is Hotmail.com Account? – Free Outlook.com Email Service

Hotmail.com is a freely available web-based email service and even the first free email service by a service provider. It established in 1996 by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith. After it was taken by Google in 1997, and re-design, named as Outlook. It is also known as Hotmail MSN account or Hotmail account

Hotmail is web-based email service which is overall free, and with its new features, Hotmail changed to Outlook.com. There are approx. 600 million users of Hotmail, who are enjoying its services. If you don’t have one, then get it now.


What is New Features in Hotmail.com? (Free Email)

There are some unique features of Hotmail like free email, free storage space, sub-addressing, best email filter system, etc.

  • It is undoubtedly the second best email service after Gmail. The plus point is Hotmail user can sync their account with Microsoft services like OneDrive to store documents and files online with up to available free space of 10GB.
  • It takes hardly 5 minutes of sign up for a new account. So get your Outlook account and start composing an email. Even after writing, you can send mail or keep it a draft.
  • This draft features of Hotmail are fantastic tools to keep doc files, and documents without having extra knowledge of how cloud storage online storage service works or how Hotmail OneDrive works.

Hotmail 2019 New Features

Hotmail is one of the best email services. Hotmail has approx. 600 million active users as per 2018 and over 60% of emails open on a smartphone via mobile app or a different browser.

what is hotmail
what is hotmail
  • Hotmail PoP Access: Hotmail offers free PoP access to its active user. Now, people can download Hotmail email on their computer from any email sender.
  • Mobile phone or email address: with this new feature any Hotmail user can log-in to their respective account via mobile phone. Even they can see an email address or phone number in username box of sign-in page Hotmail.
  • Hotmail sync with Office online: each user can edit their email doc files and attachment online using MS office online service with the aid of Hotmail. Login office online and edit document without downloading.
  • Scanning and security: Now Hotmail has more active email scanning and security features that alert in the name of Outlook.
  • Single file attachment: now, you can attached file up to 25MB, and it is huge for any document. Even you can send up 10 GB data with SkyDrive in a single email.
  • Hotmail Alexa Rank: Hotmail Alexa ranks as per 2018 December shows Hotmail is on 4333 ranks globally.

Get Hotmail

  • You can get your Hotmail in your computer by entering following web addresses and follow the on-screen procedure to get a new account.
  • www.hotmail.com / hotmail.com / www.outlook.com.


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