Hotmail.com Login- How to sign in to your Hotmail.com account?

The Hotmail e-mail service was recently acquired by Microsoft, right after the overtake Hotmail was renamed to Outlook.com. From that date on, users can reach the Hotmail service on both www.hotmail.com and www.outlook.com. Millions of people around the world are using Hotmail as their e-mail provide, it became one of the most famous online services of the world. One of the bigger advantages of Hotmail is that their services are completely free of charge, you never have to pay to start using Hotmail.

How to sign up for a new hotmail account?- Outlook.com

In order to start using Hotmail you’ll need to sign up for a new account. It’s really easy to create a new Hotmail account, it will only take a few minutes of your time. During the sign up process you are able to choose your own e-mail address, both with the extension ‘@hotmail.com’ or ‘@outlook.com’. Even after Outlook took over Hotmail, most people are still signing up for the ‘@hotmail.com’ extension, which is definitely most popular. In order to help you creating your new Hotmail account, we’ve developed a great tutorial for you. Please follow the tutorial beneath to sign up for Hotmail in the easiest way!

How to sign up for Hotmail?

1. The first step to sign up for Hotmail is to surf to their website, which is located at www.hotmail.com. Beneath the login form you will find the line ‘Don’t have Microsoft account? Sign up now!’. You’ll need to click on ‘Sign up now’, so a new form will open.

create one hotmail

2. After clicking ‘Sign up now’ you will be forwarded to a new form. This actually is the whole sign up form. We will now discuss every part of the form, so you know what you need to fill in.

First part of the Hotmail sign up form

The first part of the Hotmail sign up form is really important, because you need to fill in important account information which you will need to sign in to your Hotmail account at all times. Beneath you can find a screenshot of the first part of the form.


create account

Under username please click ‘Or get a new e-mail address, which will you show you a new form as seen below. This form is the most important part of the whole sign up process, you can choose your e-mail address here. You can choose for both the ‘@hotmail.com’ or ‘@outlook.com’ extension, it doesn’t really matter which one you choose. In the label for the extension, please choose your username, for example ‘Myhotmailaccount’. It’s possible that the username you want to register has already been registered by another user, you’ll need to chose another username then. You may use numbers, letters and symbols in your Hotmail e-mail address.


create a password

Choosing your password is also really important, because you will need it to sign in to your account every time. The password needs to contain at least 8 characters, you may use numbers, letters and symbols. You need to enter password two times, so you are sure that you entered the right password.

create a account- name

First name

Under ‘First name’ you need to fill in your full first name. Do not only use your initials, since the first name will be shown when you are sending e-mails to others.

Last name

Under ‘Last name’ please fill in your full last name. You might want to use a capital letter for the first letter of your last name, since your last name is also shown by sending e-mails to others.

Second part of the Hotmail sign up form

The second part of the Hotmail sign up form isn’t really important, you can enter additional information for your Hotmail account. A screenshot of the second part of the Hotmail sign up form can be found below.

create a account- birth date?


Choose what country/region you live in, for example ‘United States’ or ‘India’.


Choose your birthday, it isn’t really that important to use real information for this part of the sign up process, but you might want to use your real birthday.


Choose your gender, which can be ‘Male’, ‘Female’ or ‘Non specified’.

Country code

Choose the country code for phone numbers in your country

Phone number

Choose your phone number, you don’t have to enter the country code again.

Alternate e-mail address

Got an alternate e-mail address, for example a Gmail account? Enter it here. In this way you are able to recover your Hotmail account once you forget your password.


create a account- Captcha

Type the symbols you see, in this way you can verify that an actual human is creating the Hotmail account.

Congratulations, you are now forwarded to your Hotmail account. You are now able to start sending e-mails to your friends and family for free. Please remember to write down your Hotmail password and username, since you need them every time you want to sign in to your Hotmail account.

Hotmail login- How to sign in to your Hotmail account?

Once you’ve created your Hotmail account it’s really easy to login to it. In order to make it clear for you how to login to your Hotmail account, we’ve created a little tutorial. Please read the Hotmail sign in tutorial below!


1. In order to be able to sign in to your Hotmail account, you need to visitor their website (www.hotmail.com).

2. Once you visit Hotmail.com, you will see the Hotmail login form right away. They ask you for your username and password in other to grant you to access to your account.

3. Where it says ‘someone@example.com’ please enter your Hotmail username, which is your username plus the extension (either @hotmail.com or @outlook.com).

4. Where it says ‘password’ please enter your Hotmail password, which you created during the sign up password.

5. Click on the ‘Sign in’- Hotmail login button once you’ve filled in all the information. If the information you entered is correct, you will automatically be forwarded to your e-mail inbox. If the information isn’t correct, red signs will put up. Correct all the red signs in order to login to your account.

6. Congratulations, you can now start using your Microsoft Hotmail account!

Forgot your Hotmail password?

A common mistake is that people forget to write their password down or forget to remember it. It’s impossible to login to your Hotmail account without entering your password. Fortunately Hotmail developed a great tool to reset your Hotmail password in only a few minutes. In the tutorial below we will learn you how to reset your Hotmail password in only a few steps.

1. Under the login form you will find the line ‘Can’t access your account?’, click on this link in order to be forwarded to the right form.

2. In the next window Hotmail will ask you to verify that you are the owner of the account. You can verify this by letting Hotmail send a code to your mobile phone. You can also choose to verify with the alternate e-mail address you entered during the sign up process.

3. After verifying the required information, Hotmail will offer you the option to reset your Hotmail password and enter a new one. This time choose a strong but (for you) easy to remember password. You might want to write your password down.

4. Congratulations, you will now be able to sign in to your Hotmail account again by using you new password.

About Hotmail

  • Hotmail is one of the biggest e-mail providers in the world, currently available in 106 languages worldwide. The last count of users was in 2013, they had 420 million users in that year. The current owner of Hotmail is Microsoft, Hotmail merged with Outlook in 2012.
  • Hotmail was founded by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith in 1996, since then the service rapidly increased their functions and number of users. When Hotmail had just started, they only offered 2MB of e-mail space to their users. Nowadays users can store up to 5GB of e-mails in their free Hotmail account.
  • Hotmail was one of the first to offer free e-mail service. In 2004 competitor Google came with a similar service on the web, called Gmail. Since Gmail came one the market with their free e-mail providing services, Hotmail and Yahoo Mail increased the quality of their product really fast in order to keep their market share.

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